SIM-VICUS is hosted on github, where you can download the source code, post feature requests and bug reports. This page also includes all model and developer documentation:


Below is a list of releases (currently pre-releases, as SIM-VICUS is still under active development):


v0.7.1 - Bugfix Release

This release fixes a bug that prevented the simulation to be started in version 0.7.0. Also includes several improvements in property widgets. Some features are in the middle of being implemented, so tread carefully 🙂

Some notable changes (with tickets):

v0.7.0 - Christmas Release

This release features many many small and larger additions.

UPDATE: the release binaries have been updated at Dec 29th to include some bugs that appeared during testing.

Complete overhaul of the database handling

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-12-19 18-04-48

  • colors indicate data source
  • bold font indicates, which database elements are actually being used in the currently loaded project
  • database elements can be built-in, user-database or project-specific; the latter being the new default for newly created database elements; this greatly improves database element handling, since project-related database elements are only shown for respective projects
  • only used database elements are embedded into projects

Pre-computed shading calculation functionality

You can define shading elements around the building/at the facade and then let the user-interface calculate hourly shading percentages for each surface/window.

SIM-VICUS 0 7 0 - shading_calculation

The shading calculation is now done completely in parallel, thus substantially reducing calculation time for larger geometries.

SIM-VICUS 0 7 0 - shading_calculation_in_parallel

Detailed output definition handling

  • default outputs for building and network simulations have been extended and should suffice for many projects
  • there is now also a detailed output grid and output definition editor available, where all outputs native to the NANDRAD model can be individually configured and customized

SIM-VICUS 0 7 0 - output_definitions

Linux Compatibility and Usability Improvements

  • since Ubuntu 20.04 and other derived distros ship a Qt dependent library with missing resources, using the GNOME file and color chooser dialog may crash SIM-VICUS; if this happens, open Preferences->Misc and check Do not use native color/file dialogs!
  • you can now choose to run the external tools (mostly the NANDRAD solver kernal) as background process or via different console applications; mind, that you need to have these terminal programs (XTerm, Gnome-Terminal or Konsole) installed, otherwise you will get an error that NandradSolver cannot be started
  • the Help menu now includes a Linux-only button Help->Desktop integration (Linux) which will create a menu link for SIM-VICUS and register *.vicus file extensions with SIM-VICUS. Simply run this command when starting the application the first time, log out and back in and you should be all set.

Model Enhancements

  • many model features have been improved/added, mostly motivated from actual engineering projects and SimQuality-test case development. See change log and closed issues for details.

v0.6.3-beta - Usability upgrades and many small bug fixes

This release is a consolidation release - we started using SIM-VICUS in some real-world projects and stumbled across quite a few issues that we fixed right away. With the larger models we needed to look at performance a litte and improved the navigation tree a lot (both functionality-wise and regarding performance).

v0 6 3

Look at the closed issues list for details.

v0.6.2-beta - IDF Importing Upgrades

A lot of IDF import projects have been tested and bugs related to different IDF flavours have been fixed. Also, importing of slightly imperfect geometry (polygons with vertexes out of plane; polygons with same vertexes/zero length segments etc.) has been improved.

Also, the NANDRAD FMU Generator tool has received as substantial feature upgrade (sorting/filtering/input variable mapping), that might be particularly useful for larger simulation projects to be turned into FMUs:


Now there is also a manual (though in german) for this tool:

Also, we switched to VC 2019 and Qt 5.15.2 on Windows.

v0.6.1-beta - Fine-tuning for Public Release

This version includes many smaller improvements and fixes, primarily targeting the Windows platform (Linux version works fine; Mac version seems to work fine, too). Also, IDF Import has been further improved - now pretty large models can be imported already:


Release Notes

  • Windows : Windows 7 64bit...Windows 10 64bit; When running installer, Windows first blocks the execution; select "more information" and then install.
  • Linux : Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and newer (and similar distributions), requires installed Qt5 libraries. Run SIM-VICUS in terminal and install missing library dependencies.
  • MacOS: El Capitan (OSX 10.11) and newer; Requires "installation from other sources" being enabled in security settings.